Will buying YouTube views help to increase watch hours?

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Will buying YouTube views help to increase watch hours?

Did you know that YouTube requires a minimum amount of Watch Time to be monetized? It takes many authors a year or more to achieve that aim, but it is worth it.

Buying helps!!

Yes, buying Youtube views indeed helps you to increase watch hours. Still, your views shall not be bots; subsequently, it is necessary to find a reliable service provider who gives you authentic views on your channel since this allows you to join the YouTube Partner Program and earn money from advertisements by completing this goal. And what video creator wouldn’t want to make money from their creations?

The time people give to your videos on Youtube, commonly known as watch hours or watch time, is calculated. Because page refreshes have no effect, YouTube values actual watching time more than the number of views counted when a page loads. You need the right channel with at least 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 view hours per year if you want to make money on YouTube. In January 2018, the new channel monetization rule became effective. It is designed to handle the massive volume of daily videos published on Youtube to make money.

No matter how big your channel was before, you needed 10,000 views to start making money. However, the new regulation, particularly the 4000-hour viewing period, makes it more challenging for a channel to earn money. The 4000 hours of YouTube viewing only count when done over 12 months. In other words, your videos can be old, but people need to see them within the last 52 weeks.

For the watch time to be correctly recorded, your films must be made public. It implies that you cannot live stream while making the movie private. Additionally, movies cannot be deleted or made private. Reaching the 4000-hour threshold is a lot of effort, especially for rookie YouTube creators. But don’t worry; you can buy YouTube watch time.

Currently, millions of videos are being uploaded to YouTube by numerous people each minute. Gaining recognition and growing their channels is a significant hurdle for new content creators. It is the rationale for purchasing YouTube watch hours.

Most people are worried about how purchasing YouTube watch time would affect the reputation of a channel. The legitimacy and visibility of your YouTube channel are increased by buying views and subscribers . This makes it possible for you to swiftly and efficiently monetize your channel.

Benefits of buying youtube videos


  1. Monetization eligibility

The possibility of channel monetization is the first benefit of purchasing watch time or subscribers. To be eligible for YouTube monetization in 2021, your videos had to receive at least 4000 hours of watch time in the previous year and 1000 subscribers.

  1. Increased views in future

Increased user interaction for your channel is another significant benefit of purchasing YouTube watch time. More people watch, comment on, like, and thumbs up your videos. More high-quality YouTube views and subscribers increase the credibility of your channel and make it more visible in search results. Credible channels gain a large audience.

  1. Generate Social Status

In the case of Youtube, the audience’s decision to watch a video is influenced by the number of views. Most of the time, people believe that a video is good to watch if it receives many views. Now that the view counts represent social acceptance, it makes sense why you might want to pay for YouTube viewing hours. While this is frequently the case when individuals choose what to watch on YouTube, it is only sometimes the case.

  1. Increase Your Ranking

According to Youtube, users spend more than 70% of their time watching content that the platform’s algorithms suggest. By the relevance and user interaction of the video, the algorithms will compile data for a specific query and deliver results (likes, comments, and watch time). In other words, how long people view your video significantly impacts where it appears in the YouTube search results. In this case, getting watch hours service will be helpful.

  1. Earn More Organic Views

The video’s reach can be expanded because more people are exposed to and motivated to click on your video thumbnails on feeds due to buying views, which raises your SERP ranking. You will get more organic pictures as well as an increase in subscribers. Once you have a solid membership base, you may stop purchasing views and concentrate on expanding the community, which would require a significant amount of time, work, and perhaps some luck without the initial push of view counts.

  1. Become An Idol

The fact that so many people watch your videos can suggest that they respect your viewpoints and regard you as an authoritative person in your field. People may seek your advice when they need an expert’s viewpoint as you steadily build up a reputation online.


In conclusion, you must buy subscribers or watch time to monetize your YouTube channel. Furthermore, gaining more credibility elevates your YouTube profile, increasing your views, likes, comments, and thumbs-up/down ratio for a video posted later.

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