Does buying YouTube watch hours rank my videos?

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Does buying YouTube watch hours rank my videos?


Watch time is the total time viewers spend watching your videos (or audience retention in YouTube analytics). The entire time users watch a channel’s YouTube videos is known as watch time. The YouTube algorithm uses watch time, often referred to as audience retention, to rank video content.

It’s simple to share your content, but your subscriber base must reach 1,000 active members and at least 4,000 Watch Time Hours to run YouTube ads. For inexperienced YouTube content producers, it is a challenging goal.

What Is the Duration of a YouTube Video?

This section is for absolute beginners.

Defined, Youtube watch hours , also known as watch time, are the total time visitors view your videos. Because refreshes do not affect watch time, Youtube considers it more valuable than the number of views registered when a page loads.

Is Purchasing Youtube Watch Hours Legal?

Yes, purchasing YouTube views will be going to help you grow your channel faster. Any actions that artificially increase views, such as purchasing views from outside sources, are prohibited on Youtube. But if you are purchasing genuine views that would not harm your channel. Buying views can increase your watch hours and subscribers which will lead to your channel’s popularity and visibility.

On the other hand, many believe purchasing views constitute unfair competition and cheating. But buying organic views is legal and helpful for those who are beginners at Youtube.

Nevertheless, purchasing Youtube views is a tempting first boost that may be helpful for new influencers. Consider the advantages and disadvantages of purchasing hours of YouTube watch time before deciding.

What advantages will purchasing YouTube Watch Hours bring me?

  • You Need to Upload a 15+ Minute Video.
  • Aids You In Reaching 4,000 Hours To Earn Money From Your Channel
  • Watch Time Improves Google & YouTube Search Rankings

How does youtube watch hours affect ranking?

Simply making lengthier films won’t increase their watch time because the content of the video counts more than their length.

The YouTube algorithm states that a 60-second video that is watched from start to finish will rank higher than a 20 or 30-minute video that is just watched for a short while.

The YouTube algorithm evaluates the view time while taking the length of the video into account to produce fair results. The most straightforward strategy to increase watch time is creating videos people desire to watch. It will raise your ratings on an automatic basis.

Publish a video with high retention

You must maintain viewership if you want your videos to rank. Audience Retention is the percentage of your video that viewers continue to watch. Furthermore, YouTube has officially stated that “Audience Retention” is a HUGE ranking component. If your video attracts viewers to stay on YouTube, it will appear higher in the search results. After all, YouTube wants users to browse the website and click on advertising. They’ll promote your film if you assist them in achieving their objective.

How can you use this watch time measure to boost the effectiveness of your videos?

  1. Estimated Watch Time Provides Information on Your Audience Retention Rate

The estimated time viewed and audience retention is used to calculate a video’s watch time. Audience retention is also related to this, and we may quantify it in absolute and relative terms.


  1. YouTube Favorites Your Videos When There Are More Sessions Consider the session time if you want the channel algorithm to favour your videos. The purpose of YouTube is to maintain user satisfaction and viewership. Therefore, if your video encourages the audience to interact with more stuff on YouTube, it increases their time. Therefore, the quality of interactions and watch time increase with the number of sessions.

The following five crucial YouTube ranking elements:

Comments on videos – If someone comments on a video, it strongly suggests to YouTube that they liked it (or at least engaged with it). So make sure you invite people to leave comments on your video and then respond to those remarks.

After seeing a video, subscribers – It is a HUGE sign that you have a great video when someone subscribes to your channel after watching it. What is the most excellent method for increasing YouTube subscribers? Demand that they subscribe. Others don’t share videos of poor quality. As a result, YouTube assumes that your video must be outstanding when it notices that others are sharing it. Additionally, they’ll improve your ranking.

Click-Through-Rate (CTR) –  The better, the higher your CTR. You want people searching YouTube to click on your result, in other words. When YouTube sees many users clicking on your result, they decide to move your video up in the search results rankings. However, users who skip over your result will lower your rankings. What is the most excellent approach to increasing CTR? Make titles and thumbnails that are appealing.

Video Duration – Longer videos rank higher on Google, just like text-based articles do. In both YouTube and Google searches, I frequently observe that longer videos do better than shorter ones. What is the ideal length for your video? I would be okay with the precise length. Instead, I advise putting all your effort into making the finest video possible. Make your video 20 minutes or more if it makes sense. Don’t be concerned that your video will be too long. People WILL watch it if it’s impressive. The fact that you can track every one of these statistics in the YouTube Studio is their most remarkable feature. In this manner, you can assess your performance. And continuously enhance your videos.

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